St. Jude Charity Event

In early October the Chief Robotics team held a charity event for the St. Jude hospital in Tennessee. At the event pancakes, breakfast and an example of the Chief Robotics team work was open to the public. The customers were able to have all you can eat pancakes and sausages as well as test drive one of the Textrix robots we had completed. The other robot was delivering pancakes to the hungry donaters. The St. Jude Pancake Breakfast was a success. All the profits will go towards the purchase of Robotics kits and laptops for the children in St. Jude Hospital. A trip down to St. Jude will begin once the robotics kits have been purchased. 

Middle School Mentoring

Once or twice a week members of the Chief Robotics team goes over to one the younger schools in our school district and helps out the children. The schools that we have helped at are Hardin Middle School, Monroe Elementary, and Blackhurst Elementary school. The time spent with the children is a time of learning for both the kids as well at the Chief Robotics team members.   

SCW FLL Event 

On the weekend of November 14-15, 48 teams of First Lego League competed for a shot at the state tournament at the St. Louis Community College. Josie Elliot and Justin Honey were the MC's for the competition, and other members of Chief robotics helped assist in the running of the games, presentations, and refereeing of the competition. 

St. Jude Trip

The trip to St. Jude was a big success. Occurring over the weekend of January 16th and 17th. A small group of students from the team drove down to Memphis to help with the children. Sadly due to privacy rules, no pictures were allowed of the children of St. Jude. The teaching session lasted two hours and consisted of us guiding them on how to put a basic bot together and them program it to to simple tasks. The LEGO NXT kits and laptops were left at the St. Jude Target house for the kids to enjoy anytime they wish.