Lexi Crump - Team Manager

Lexi is a senior at St Charles West High School. In school Lexi participates in various sports and clubs. Her favorites include science club, swimming, and robotics. Lexi is also an important member of the chamber choir. On the team Lexi acts as the team manager. As the only girl, this position fits her well, by being able to participate in all aspects of the process.  Lexi would like to mention that her favorite part of robotics is the teamwork and the designing of the bot itself. 

Josie Elliott - Team Manager

Josie Elliott is the team manager and the other member of of the team supporting woman kind. Josie enjoys soccer and involved in various clubs. Josie would like to say that " I joined robotics because it seemed interesting, and it has not disappointed. I think it’s great that you learn something different every time you speak to someone new." Josie is very excited for the rest of the year. 

Jake Marino - Secretary

As a senior at St Charles west Jake is a total thug. In school Jake is a member of the warriorvision audio visual group. In robotics Jake Marino is acting as the secretary of the group but will spend most of the working time with the builders. Away from school he spends his time meditating to rap music and playing video games. Like a nerd. Jake Marino also likes long walks on the beach while watching the sunset with his friends.

Justin Honey - Secretary

Justin Honey is the architect of the engineering notebook. Everyday he comes in and makes sure that the work in it gets done. Outside of robotics Justin plays basketball, tennis, and enjoys playing a variety of instruments including drums, guitar, and violin. Justin joined robotics because he thought is would be fun. After attending a class of two last year he thought it would be fun to join " I found that it does take some work, but I’m already learning things that I never would have anywhere else." -Justin

Drew Juhlin - Builder

This is Drew Juhlin, junior at St Charles West High School. While not in robotics class drew enjoys a variety of outdoor activities including hunting and camping. Drew also is an active member of the high schools orchestra where he plays his viola proudly. On the team, Drew is a builder, this is his favorite activity.  Drew is a great problem solver and a very fast learner. Drew said his favorite part of Robotics is the team building and the intense brainstorming process that a team goes through to achieve a winning design.

Micheal Dunman - Builder

Michael Dunman is one of the key builders on the Chief Robotics team. He is a senior at St. Charles West and enjoys a variety of activities. Micheal enjoys building and anything mechanical. 

Koty Krawczyk - Builder

This is Koty Krawczyk, a seventeen year old male. In his second year in robotics Koty enjoys the building the robots the most. The challenge of the build makes him and the rest of the team better. Outside of robotics Koty also like graphic design, this further develops his love for designing the robot. In school Koty participates in choir and is a leader in cross country and on the track team. Koty would like to mention that he is the oldest in the family and this has given him a drive to succeed.

Brian Harvey - Builder

This is Brian Harvey, a senior at St Charles West High School. On the Chief Robotics team Brian is a builder. He joined robotics because he loved the class last year and wanted more of a challenge. On the team he helps out with the design and build of the patience in time bot. Brian's favorite part on the team is the conversations that he has with his team members while they build. Outside of school Brian enjoys video games, learning about history, drawing and architecture 

Nathan Deboard - Builder

Nathan is a senior at St Charles west. As an active member of the robotics team Nathan enjoys all aspects of robotics but his favorite part is programming. This year Nathan is a builder. Assisting other team members Drew and Koty, Nathan hopes to lead the team to a victory. In school Nathan is the president of the schools audio visual class, also called warriorvision.  Outside of school Nathan has a love of reading, no book is his favorite. Nathan also takes a part in youth group at church and plays the piano.

Evan Brunt - Builder

Evan Brunt is a senior on the Chief Robotics Team. He Likes to build models and other various things in his free time. Evan joined Chief Robotics because he enjoyed going GM Lego Challenge and he hopes to bring his knowledge and building skills to the team. He hopes to win at the FTC competition or at least receive a good rating and of course have fun.

Caleb Berg - Programmer

This is Caleb Berg and he is in the twelfth grade. He was born in 1998 and is the youngest of five children. Caleb says this is why he is the most rebellious of the family. Caleb enjoys pizza and various other foods, including an eternal craving for Mountain Dew. On the team, Caleb is a programmer. From day one Caleb has been a semi-pro at a software system that is brand new to our team.Caleb is also one of our drivers. Caleb would like to thank you and may the odds be ever in our favor.

Nathan Wacker - Programmer

Boy genius, Nathan Wacker is a sophomore on the team. He enjoys spending his time looking at a rubix cube's and solving them very fast like. Nathan has been in the robotics world for quite a few years, starting with teams in his middle school. On the team now, Nathan is acting as a programmer. Working with Caleb and Sam to develop a well functions program. In eighth grade Nathan's team took second place at a robotics competition. 

Alex Long - Programmer

Alex Long is a Junior on the Chief Robotics team. On the team Alex is a programmer. His favorite part of the team is the problem solving and the basic programming that he has learned this year. Alex's hopes for the team this year is that the team does well in its first year in the competition. Alex hopes to bring much needed assistance to the team in the departments he is required. Outside of school Alex enjoys video games, reading, and the game of paintball. 

Sam Baumann - Programmer

Sam was born July twenty-sixth fifteen years ago in the beautiful city of Amsterdam.  In school Sam is a sophomore and a vital member of the robotics programing team. In school sam enjoys science, programming and (of course) robotics class. Sam also enjoys video game development/design.

Nick Timme - Public Relations

Nick Timme is seventeen years old and a current senior at our school. He participates in many activities around the school including science club and the tennis team. At home Nick has one brother. Their family has an intense love of the Football. On the team Nick is one of our public relation guides, and one of our two drivers. When him and his partner are not working on that he enjoys a mix of building and programming.

Alexander Heuermann - Public Relations

Alex Heuermann is a senior at St Charles West High School. On the Chief Robotics team Alex is apart of the public relations team. Working closely with his buddy Logan they make the teams videos and run the teams YouTube page. The robotics classes last year sparked Alex's interest and convinced him to join the team this year. Outside of school Alex does a variety of sports, including soccer, football and baseball. Alex hopes that the team will make it to a national competition . 

Cody Moore - Public Relations

Cody Moore is currently 18 years old and enjoying his senior year at St. Charles West High School. Although he was originally a programmer, he has now moved into the public relations department.  He is a percussionist in the school's marching band and indoor drumline. Outside of school he engages in activities such as, hanging out with friends, working, and eating. He has a twin sister and an older sister and is currently residing in St. Charles with his father.

Logan Bachman - Public Relations

Logan Bachman is a senior at St. Charles West High School. His position on the team is on the public relations and is one of the members in charge of video production and the team YouTube page. After high school Logan plans on pursuing a career in the STEM field. Logan joined robotics for the STEM credit but enjoys the atmosphere that the team has. Outside of school Logan like to work in cars. Logan's hope are for the team to make it to Nationals

Tyler Brown - Public Relations

Tyler brown is a current senior at St Charles West High School. In school Tyler enjoys being very tall, the video production class named warroirvision, and being in charge of the robotics teams youtube page. When he's not at school Tyler enjoys longboarding and video games. On the team Tyler is one of our public relations specialist. When not working on the YouTube page Tyler enjoys building the robots.