Meet The 2019-2020 Chief Robotics 10444 Team

Not Pictured - Morgan O. 

----FTC Team 1----

Darrell M.L.

FTC Builder

Darrell is in 11th grade. He is a builder for Team 1 FTC. He’s been on this team for 1 year. This will be his second. His plans for this team is to make the most out of it and one day become an electronic engineer. He likes to play sports and video games, he swims for St. Charles YMCA, and likes to hang out with his friends.

Tanner N.

FTC Builder 

Tanner is a member on one of the FTC robot groups. He is a junior and this is his first year on the Chief Robotics group. Last year he was in the robotics class to get an idea of Chief Robotics, to see if it would be right for him. His plans for the team include building a first place FTC bot that will blow the competition out of the water. When Tanner is not working on the robot he is involved in Student Council, National Honors Society and Renaissance. He also loves to work on his 1978 Chevy C10 and turning his basement into a man cave. He looks forward to the experience and knowledge he will get with being apart of the Chief robotics family.

----FTC Team 2----

Jordan H.

FTC Builder

Jordan is a mechanic for an FTC robot and wants to prove that she can do the same (if not better) than the guys can do. She is a senior and this is her first year on the team. She plans on using her previous knowledge of engineering and design to contribute to the team and to try something new. She is currently in science club, all of us club, orchestra,  and works as a lifeguard outside of school, and enjoys the outdoors. She is also enlisted in the US Navy as an Electricians Mate and plans on becoming an engineer in the future.

Lily J.

FTC Builder

 Lily is in advanced robotics, because it seemed like a cool opportunity for her to learn a new skill. She is working on building one of the FTC bots. Last year she helped out advanced robotics after school, on weekends, and at competitions, this year she decided to take the class. Lily is the Number 1 girls Varsity Cross Country runner, she plays Basketball, Track, is an FCA leader, sophomore class vice president, and is apart of WarriorVision, Key Club, and helps out with Renaissance club . She loves to exercise, she has swam in a volcano, she has more testosterone than every guy on the Cross Country team, and she has a Great Dane that weighs more and is taller than her. Also she can bench 351 lbs with one hand.

----FTC Team 3----

Nick J.

FTC Builder

Nick is a Sophomore who’s a builder for FTC. This is Nick’s first year on the team, Nick says that his robot will be a Star Wars SandCrawler themed robot with a crane inspired by the power company Cherry Pickers. His interests consists of drawing, building, and modeling.

Tyler C.

FTC Builder

Tyler Carnes is a builder for FTC team #3. He is a sophomore at Saint Charles West. He’s been on the team for only one year and hopes to help the team make a great bot and win. He was on the Hardin Robotics Team when it was first created and is in band, jazz band, marching band, theater, science club, and game enthusiast club. He enjoys fossil hunting, hanging out with friends, and playing video games.


Zach M.

Robotics Programmer / FTC Team 3

Zachary is known as our "superior" programmer on the team. He is a sophomore at St. Charles West, and took Advanced Robotics because he enjoys working on robots and being in different classroom environments. Zachary is also apart of the school's tennis team, he is known as a "legend" and enjoys hunting and loves to go to hockey games

Keegan I.

Robotics Programmer / FTC Team 2

Keegan's position on the team is Lead Programmer. He is a Jr. at St. Charles West, and he chose to take Advanced Robotics because he hopes to build a foundation for the career he might have one day in engineering. Keegan participates on the schools tennis team, cross country team and he is in Boy Scouts working towards getting his Eagle. Keegan also enjoys camping, spending time with his dog and he is the "Dude Man".

Josh R.

Robotics Programmer / FTC Team 1

 Josh is a sophomore programmer for St. Charles West’s Robotics Team. He has been on the team for a grand total of 0 years and chose to join because he already had experience on the Hardin team 2 years ago and wanted to do it again. Josh was one of the programmers and drivers for Hardin middle schools team in 2018. Josh likes to drink mineral water in his free time.

----Bots STL Team----

Joe M.

Bots STL Leader 

My name is Joe and I am in my junior year. I am currently the main battlebot engineer. I have been in this class for two years now. I am in tech school taking Precision Machining. My main goal this year is for us to have a very solid robot that will not break during competition so it will mainly be a battle for the driver.

Morgan O.

Bots STL Builder

Morgan is a sophomore in high school. It's his first year on the team. He has been wrestling since 1st grade. He has medaled numerous times, and wrestled on varsity his freshman year. He also does cross country, is the number 1 varsity pole vaulter on the track team, and is on varsity marching band. Outside of school he is an Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America. 

Ethan K.

Bots STL Builder

Ethan is one of the mechanical engineers for the Battle Bots STL team. He is a sophomore at St. Charles West Highschool. This is his first year on the team and his plans for the team are to help build the strongest bot in the competition and help bring the team to victory. His hobbies are fishing, hunting, being outdoors, building model cars, and working on and learning about cars. His dream car is a 1969 Plymouth Road Runner 440 and he hopes to own his own shop in the future.


Adian H.

Media - Website 

Adian Hammond is the hidden mastermind behind this website. Adian was self taught in html, css, java, python, c++, and batch plus many more. This is his first year on the team and his main goal is to make a professional style web site for  the team while helping out in any way needed. He is a jr. and said he wants to continue with the team next year. In his free  time Adian enjoys to work on server development and networking. He also enjoys alot to disconnect with technology and go hunting, Fish, Camping and being in the outdoors. Adian said he love his job working at Beaumont Scout Reservation. Adian is heavily involved with Scouts BSA as a volunteer with the Greater St. Louis Area Counsel. Also with in the program Adian Has been named the 2020 Scoutfest - Boone Trails District Director.

Zane S.

Media - Video/Notebook Director

Zane is a Junior and works in the media team. It is his first year with Chief Robotics, although he was a member of the team, “Degrees of Freedom” two years ago. He plans on making a documentary for this year’s season and works on the weekly update videos for the website with Colton. He enjoys directing the update videos and silly walks. He aspires to direct movies or work at a space agency.

Colton (LANE) B.

Media - Video/Youtube

Lane Bostic is a Junior and new to advanced robotics. As a Media team member he is ready to work hard to help document the progress of the robots, and the teams. Lane enjoys using cameras and computers, long walks on the beach and video games. He is very exited for the Star Wars theme and wishes the three FTC Teams the best of luck.