Meet The Team!

Keegan Irizarry

Keegan's position on the team is Lead Programmer. He is a Sophomore at St. Charles West, and he chose to take Advanced Robotics because he hopes to build a foundation for the career he might have one day in engineering. Keegan participates on the schools tennis team, cross country team and he is in Boy Scouts working towards getting his Eagle. Keegan also enjoys camping, spending time with his dog and he is the "Dude Man".

Clayton Higgins

Clayton is one of our Media team members. He is a Senior at St. Charles West, and he chose to take Advanced Robotics because he has a strong interest in engineering and robotics; he also has some background knowledge on the engineering design process. Clayton is apart of the school's basketball and golf teams, and he is also a member of NHS. Clayton has taken many video production classes at school, his enjoys eating pizza with his favorite beverage, water, and his favorite color is blue.

Zachary Mays

Zachary is known as our "superior" programmer on the team. He is a sophomore at St. Charles West, and took Advanced Robotics because he enjoys working on robots and being in different classroom environments. Zachary is also apart of the school's tennis team, he is known as a "legend" and enjoys hunting and loves to go to hockey games.

Jacob Blassingame

Jacob is our Engineering Notebook Guy on the team. He is a Freshman at St. Charles West, and took Advanced Robotics because it provides him with unique experiences that will help him build upon in later years. He is the Freshman class president, a Varsity Cross Country runner, a bass player in jazz band, apart of science club, and will be doing long distance running and baseball. He is 5'2", plays the electric guitar and is known as Mr. Badboi.

Joseph Bowman

Joseph is one of the members on our Media Team. He is a Senior at St. Charles West, and chose Advanced Robotics because he wanted to get better at engineering and designing robots. Joseph participates in service projects at his church and local scouting troop; he enjoys watching movies with friends and family, loves 70's-80's music, and he enjoys playing classic arcade games.

Jack Pellow

Jack is apart of the Community Outreach team. He is a Senior at St. Charles West, and chose to be in this class because he enjoys building robots and working as a team. Jack is apart of Band, Jazz Band, Student Council, and Science Club; he is a Navy Seal, plays lacrosse and is good video games and he won state for indoor drum line. 

Zion Johnson

Zion Ross Johnson took this class because he loves to learn. He is involved in 99+ clubs, and is the President of Science Club, AP Spanish, and GEC. On our team, Zion is our project major, for he makes sure we stay on task/productive during class. He knows over 16,777,000 different colors, and he is known as the Triple President.

Darrell Montalvo-Luna

The last of the programmers on our team is Darrell Montalvo-Luna. Although he has never specialized in the computer aspects of machinery, he still was able to maintain an advanced level of performance after learning the ropes. Darrell is a true money man, and has been around robots his whole life. Legend has it, that when he was but a wee baby, he built his own crib out of the remnants of a discarded 1997 Alfa Romeo GTV. He enrolled in this class to push himself to his technological limits and to set a good example for his kid brother. When he’s not taking something apart then putting it together again, he’s playing basketball or some other random sport. Occasionally, he’ll unwind with some light video games like Super Smash Bros, or Mario Party 6.

Joe Mitts

Joe is the youngest of the 3 Joes on the team, and this fact haunts him constantly. Joe has never been okay with 3rd place, so Joe always gives his 100% to pass his seniors. He never sleeps, lest he fall behind the others, and he never stops working for greatness. Some might feel bad in this position, but not Joe. He revels in the challenge, and he lives for the race to the top. Every time a new set of challengers approach, a fire lights in his eyes, one that can only be extinguished with the sight of his defeated opponents. His responsibilities are usually limited to robot design and basic assembly, but it won’t remain that way if he has anything to say about it. 

Karsten Sellars

Karsten is the most wholesome human being on this planet. His voice soothes even the most raucous of rooms, and his face can bring the most stoic of us all to tears (of joy of course). He’s one of four total programmers on our team, but he’s the only programmer that lended their skills to the design and creation of our team’s website. Karsten has always enjoyed being a team player and since he enjoys all of the other classes he has with Mr. Jackson, he thought he’d give robotics a try. When Karsten isn’t warming the hearts and minds of those on our robotics team, he is contributing to either our schools Key Club, FBLA, student council, our schools wrestling team, or our varsity and JV football teams.

Joshua Blassingame II

Josh is an electrical engineer along with being our team’s media logistics coordinator. He attempts to make sure the robot is wired correctly, and tries to make the graphics for all of our banners. Although Josh is not as well rounded and enthusiastic as his superior younger brother Jacob when it comes to any aspect of life, he is very good at trying. He rarely gives up, even after failing 30+ times. His perseverance may even be the 5th best on the team actually. He joined the Advanced Robotics class because he was tired of being alone. Joshua is a semi-talented bass guitarist, but his dog Athena is nothing short of a legend.

Jaxon Chairs

Jaxon Chairs is a vital part of the team, and one of only two returning members. His loyalty and dedication lies in his uncontrollable desire to please, and he is universally liked by all he is encountered by. Jaxons main responsibilities comprise of proofreading and designing engineering notebook entries, and assisting programmers whenever he is free. Outside of robotics, he represents the Spirit of the Shooter in the secret group known as the 7 Sacred Sportsman. He loves to shoot 3 pointers in B-Ball, and participate in the occasional game of Tennis despite being slightly below average  at it, and he participates vigorously in the Science Club, and the G.E.C (Game Enthusiasts Club). Outside of school, he likes to unwind with some friendly games of Bowling, and some trips to the Gym with his friend Zion.

Joe Hernandez

Joe is the head of mechanical operations on our team and a future Marine. His no nonsense, hardworking attitude has formed him into the supreme example of a builder, the likes of which the world has never seen before. He joined up with our team because  he needed a little more challenge for his everyday life. He knew that robotics seemed interesting, and he always enjoyed Mr. Jackson’s tough love approach to teaching, so he thought robotics would be right for him. He is involved in the St. Charles West Science Club, He is a Poole in the Marine Corps, and he represents the Soul of the Soldier in the Seven Sacred Sportsman. After high school Joe plans on joining the Marines.