Mr. Jackson


Drew Juhlin - Builder/Team Manager - The true Senior Drew Juhlin is 17 years old and is a second year FTC participant and is enjoying his position as a Mechanical Engineer and the Team Manager for the builders. He is partaking in this course for his career, he is hoping to be an engineer and with some experience with building in his pocket it will be much easier to get into a good college. His favorite robotics experience was the first FTC competition he attended which set his sights on a career as an engineer. The favorite robot that he has ever built was The Pope another Sockey bot. Outside of school he like to do country things like fishing and hunting and when asked what makes him stand out from the rest of the team he responded with his expert use of zip ties, it truly is an amazing skill.

Rodrigo Gutierrez - Mechanical Engineer -  Rodrigo Gutierrez is one of Chief Robotics’ Mechanical Engineers as well as a Senior at St. Charles West. Rodrigo joined the class because he really likes electronics. His favorite memory for robotics is being in the GM competition last year. This 17 year old likes to play video games and is known for enjoying to laugh. His favorite robot that he has built would have to be his Sockey Bot with a conveyor belt.

Mark Farr - Mechanical Engineer -  At age 17, Mark farr is presently a Senior at St. Charles West High School and a member of Chief Robotics’ Mechanical Engineering team. His main reasoning for joining the team is his affinity for building. One of his favorite memories is getting third place in the GM challenge last year with his team’s robot. Being the team’s “Giant”, Mark likes to lift weights, and research politics. His favorite robot that he built was his Sumo bot.

William Carpenter - Mechanical Engineer - William Carpenter a 17 year old Senior at St. Charles West and is a Mechanical Engineer for the Chief Robotics team and he is loving every second of it. His favorite thing about robotics is being competitive which is why he loves playing so many sports outside of school like football and throwing for track and field. His favorite thing about building robots is seeing the program and the robot that was built work, anyone that has built a robot will know this feeling. His favorite robot he has made was Fre Sha Vac a Do a very interesting name just like the quality that he describes making him special which is being a potato whisperer. Also he is good at working with a team.

Jordan Weinrich - Electrical Engineer -  Jordan Weinrich is a Senior at St. Charles west and is currently 17 years old. He is our only Electrical Engineer here at Chief Robotics, he wants to go into a profession as an engineer which is why he loves taking this class. One of his most favorite memories from building and programming robots was getting second place in his first GM Challenge. His favorite robot that he has his built was a simple line following bot because it helped his problem solving skills. His favorite thing to do outside of school is playing video games like Forza and Grand Theft Auto. He is special because his Mama said he was. But all of us here at Chief Robotics think he is special because of his skills for engineering.


Nathan Wacker - Lead Programmer/Team Manager - Nathan Wacker is our current Rubix cube master as well as being the Chief Robotics’ Lead Programmer. He is currently enrolled as a Junior and chose the class because he enjoyed being in Robotics last year as well as the programming. His favorite memory from Robotics was being in the competition and having their name called for their robot winning a prize. Currently 17, Nathan enjoys playing video games and playing in marching band. His favorite robot was his Sockey bot V2.

Tommy-Lee Neville - Programmer - Tommy-Lee Neville is a genius programmer that is in this class for more and more knowledge, a great quality to have. His is currently 17 years old and enjoying his Junior year at St. Charles West. He loves playing video games outside of school, more specifically OSU. His favorite bot was His Sockey bot which was named Kawaii bot and Sockey is also one of his most favorite memories in robotics. His special quality is one of great importance and that is his flowing hair and his leadership schools that he developed in Boy Scouts.

Cameron Cook - Programmer -  One of the Programmers of Chief Robotics is Cameron Cook, a 16 year old Junior who is currently attending St. Charles West High School. One of his favorite experiences is being in the GM challenge last year. Cameron likes to work, program, and play video games in his spare time. Being good at working with others, Cameron brings previous programming experience allowing him to better help his team. His favorite robot that he built is his first Sumo Bot.


Alex Long - Lawyer/Team Manager - Alex Long is a second year FTC veteran and took on two jobs this year, he is a lawyer for our team along with Lucas Irizarry but he is also the leader of the Logistics Department of Chief Robotics. He is a Senior at St. Charles West and is 17 years old. He loves working as a team and building robots which are the very reasons that he has come back for a second year, one of his fondest memories while building robots was his Sockey robot the Hungry Hungry Hippo which was an absolute menace on the playing field.  One of his favorite things about robots is having everything work perfectly after working for so long on it, “It is a very satisfying and perfect feeling”, he said when asked for more description.

Lucas Irizarry - Lawyer - Lucas Irizarry is a unique person much like his last name, for his Senior year at St. Charles West he hopes to help bring Chief Robotics a first place win for this year’s challenge, Velocity Vortex. He is 17 years old and outside of school he plays soccer for the Warriors and is exceptionally good at it. Like many others on this list some of his fondest memories while building robots is the Sockey competition, where he helped Jack Cline with their bot #Cheney/Shrek 2k16, a bot with a unique name like his own. Lucas brags constantly about his ability to swim over 45 miles per hour which many of us here at Chief Robotics are skeptical about but nonetheless he will be great at his position as a Lawyer.

Lucas Hinton - Accountant -  Lucas Hinton is very good with numbers so he has chosen to take over the position of our accountant here at Chief Robotics. His knack for numbers is just behind his ability to run which he does for the Warriors’ Cross Country team, Lucas sure does have the stamina it takes for the FTC. His love for running is only outmatched by his insatiable need for winning which is what he hopes to help this team do this year at our competition, a very big task for his mere 17 years of age. Last year Lucas joined the GM Challenge with the rest of our Robotics program where he got first place for creating the well designed robot named Deadpool, sating his need for winning for a short while.

Jaden Bergh - Imaging - Jaden Bergh is a 17 year old from St. Charles West where he is currently in his senior year of schooling and is very excited about helping with this year’s FTC competition. He joined this class this year because he thought the name sounded cool, also he is very good at working with a team which is why he chose to be one of the people in charge with Imaging, which fits him perfectly. Jaden is very proud of his Sockey bot named Tiffany which got second place by a few points. He is 17 years old and loves playing video games like Overwatch, he also loves problem solving which makes him perfect for this year’s FTC event. Jaden is truly the “Definition of special”, as he described, meaning he is very good at what he puts his mind to, nothing can hold him back.

Jack Cline - Pit Design/Community Outreach -  Jack Cline is a Senior at St. Charles West and is part of Chief Robotics Pit Design and Community Outreach teams. Some of his favorite things he has done while making robots was his Sockey competition bot that he so expertly named, #Cheney/Shrek 2k16 which he got second place with. He has many great qualities that he has generated in his 17 years of living like the much needed ability to work with a team, plus he is a very funny person and makes the mood much lighter in times of need. One of his unique qualities is his “Majestic mane of a beard” as he describes it, and it truly is one great mane, the mane of a hungry lion that is ready to start his first year in the FTC.

Tyler Emery - Team Photographer - Tyler Emery is the Team Photographer for Chief Robotics as well as being a Senior at St. Charles West High School. Tyler enjoys learning new things and working with his hands which brought him to take the class to begin with. One of his favorite memories is of his Sumo Bot fail the arena and fall over when the fighting began. Interests he has outside of school involve church activities and volunteering. His favorite robot that he has built was his Elevator Sumo Bot. Tyler is currently 17 years old and has “A sparkly personality”.


Sam Bauman - Video Production/Team Manager - Sam Bauman is one of the younger members of our family here at Chief Robotics, being only 16 years old, this doesn’t mean he brings anything less to the table than anyone else. He is in charge of our Video Production team and he is our Team Manager. He has been in the field of robotics since eighth grade making his this year, Junior year, his fourth year building robots and he has always loved it. His favorite moment in robotics was the first GM Challenge he ever went to which was in eighth grade. Outside of school he is actively involved in Boy Scouts of America and is currently working on his Eagle Scout project. His most favorite robot he has built was the FTC bot for Chief Robotics in 2016. His special quality is his knack for leadership and his pure passion for robotics. Sam is definitely looking forward to the 2017 FTC challenge.  

Allen Tinker - Youtube Manager - Allen “AJ” Tinker is a very funny and unique person which makes him the perfect guy to keep our youtube channel up and running. As a Junior in high school, he loves to have fun and especially loves to win. Speaking of winning AJ is a phenomenal wrestler, being only 16 he definitely has a bright path ahead of him. His favorite contraption he has built is his Rube Goldberg part which was a huge ferris wheel and it was an impressive piece of machinery. Allen is a very hard worker which is a good quality for the FTC program.

Kaity Wedemeyer - Team Writer - Kaity Wedemeyer is Chief Robotics Writer as well as a Senior at St. Charles West High School. Her main reason for joining the team was to learn more about programming. One fond memory is watching their school win 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place at the GM challenge last year. Kaity is the only girl in the class but she plays video games like many of the other team members. Her favorite robot she has built was the GM challenge bot.

Kenny Guinther - Team Presenter - Chief Robotics Presenter is none other than Kenny Guinther, a 17 year old Senior. Kenny strives to have fun with the team and to practice gracious professionalism. One of his favorite experiences was building his GM Challenge bot. Some of his favorite activities outside of school include playing video games, specifically the game SMITE. Kenny is very good at talking in front of large audiences making him key for filling the Presenter role for the team. His favorite robot has been the Sockey Bot named Fre sha Vac a Do.

Tony Ho - Website Management -  Tony Ho is a Senior at St. Charles West High School as well as being Chief Robotics’ Website Manager. His main reason for enrolling in the class is that it is fun and it pushes him to work. Some of his favorite experiences involve one of his first robots, the Sumo Bot, and when it was immediately pushed out of the ring in the class competition. Things he does outside of school involve playing video games and tennis. His favorite bot that he built has been Kawaii Bot. Tony is currently 17 years old and brings extreme patience to our Chief Robotics team.